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Por que invertir en Brownsville Tx

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Chula Vista Const. LLC has a long history of building facilities that drive greater value. From exceptional levels of quality and safety — to ease of maintenance over time, we are firmly committed to helping our clients and partners achieve the short- and long-term strategic goals of every project we do.

Residential Construction Companies tend to bring in more revenue than companies in other industries. Chula Vista Const. LLC actually earns 136% more than the typical company in the United States.

Sergio J Santiago
Owner of Chula Vista Const.


Creative Team Work

  • Worked in Commercial Construction in West Texas & Southern California
  • Worked with the Home Depot as a General Manager for 8 years remodel, Commercial, & Tenant Improvement Expert.

Great Support Today

  • Has 25 years experience in Construction, Remodel, Tenant Improvement Industry.
  • Has built over 200 Homes






Our customer services is what differentiate from our competitors. We help our customers to build whatever they can imagine.

Our Experience is Our Value
Chula Vista Const LLC is a Commercial & Residential Construction company who opened its doors in 2001 in Brownsville, Texas and employs a numerous of local sub-contractors.
Our Sub-contractors include:
Plumbers, Painters, Framers, Stucco & Bricklayers, Electricians, Landscapers, Foundation Contractors, Tile Layers, Drywall hangers, HAVC & Mechanical Installers, Paving Contractors , Engineers and many more
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